This isn’t a ranking of sagas but arcs which is commonly followed among the fandom. Im not wondering if Coby is stronger than Smoker. One Piece is filled to the brim with some of the most feisty characters, but none more so than Kaido.He is one of the Yonko which makes him one of the strongest characters in the series. So now lets talk about Coby. But they were fodder. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Busoshoku Haki. To a lesser extent, the rest of … Coby learned CP9 techniques in like a month. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Coby might be strong as Smoker (Pre-Timeskip) or stronger. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! Coby is, and he shakes hand in hand with Helmeppo as he learns to survive.-Here’s how the marines work, known to the East and known to the high ups, but unknown to the regular sailor. RELATED: One Piece: 10 Rematches We'd Love To See He possesses a mythical zoan type devil fruit which allows him to turn into a dragon. Kind of Buggy, Alvida, and Aokiji. She clearly left Marineford without a scratch and we haven't seen a serious fight because she didn't need to have one actually to win. Who knows how strong he is now. Search titles only; Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. One Piece has several great arcs and it is a taunting task to rank them. Lol Smoker is 100% stronger than Cobby let's be real guys Strength isn't the only factor that makes a character similar to another, people who deny the similarities between Garp/Smoker are just haters who think it makes Garp look bad to be compared to Smoker due to him losing to Law/Vergo/Doflamingo. He was only after Law's heart to repay his debt. Smoker, her superior officer, seems to regard her as a protege; the two work very well together. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. But here it goes, all 29 arcs ranked from worst good to best. An evolved step of the Enhancement technique. i mean he might have but he never used it this makes coby stronger than most vice admirals or maybe even the strongest. ~ I could see Coby being a Vice-Admiral or a Rear Admiral. Some people on this sub are idiots. most of the vice admirals maybe even all of them cant do this and smoker most definetely cant do this. Usopp tells about Kuro's plan, but then says that he was joking about it. Coby will never catch up to sanji. He caught Blackbeard off guard and he is not a marine. You're crazy if you think Coby is as strong as sanji. coby may be stronger than smoker at the end of the series. Sanji has not showed much of his power yet. hahaha my god do you need a lift, a lift off Coby's dick that your riding. Coby was sure the contents inside his stomach were starting to stir quite uneasily, and quickly pushed down the bitter taste of bile when he felt he was going to throw up. In the marines it's fujitora. I would take that bet lol almost 100% sure Coby will surpass Smoker in the current runtime. I wouldnt be all that surprised if he is Luffy lvl. After 2 years, Coby will be able to use at least Observation Haki and the other Rokushiki forms. Member. no only because of smokers df. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Tashigi was first introduced when the Straw Hat Pirates docked in Loguetown, where she was stationed. :D. Search titles only; Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. JavaScript is disabled. I would say the same for Smoker. You are using an out of date browser. The problem is no one takes her seriously since she already had a reputation as Smoker's housewife on Loguetown, and it's a male-dominated industry. Personally I see both characters as a mix and match between the old generation, with features from both characters. Hopefully Vegapunk pumps some steroids or something to Smoker, dude needs all the help he can get. Here I will only address Coby’s parallels. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Straight up wont happen. Now, however, it won’t be as troublesome as before. You can say that Luffy is far stronger than Smoker now, and I wouldn’t argue with you, but there hasn’t been another Marine that has encountered Luffy as many times as Smoker has or who has chased him so far into the story. Take a second to look at our. Smoker is weak and Coby would beat him. I'd like to think it's Smoker. 3 Can’t: Akainu Ok guys I know im going to get for this. The guy will have to fight Zoro EOS. (Zoro and Luffy, bounty posters pinned to Coby’s wall, stronger than Coby could ever hope to be.) Coby will 100% be a admiral. First let me talk about Smoker. Kid and Smoker. It's been 2 years, which is a fairly significant amount of time. The guy is weaker than Sanji. Post Enies Lobby Coby: Strong enough to beat all East Blue villains with some difficulty. Example fight: Coby vs pre-TS Luffy – Coby likely wins with some difficulty. if not Coby, maybe Helmeppo?? Rayleigh enhances himself and strikes a giant elephant. Luffy is very clearly very superior to smoker. In the Marine position, Coby took the lead and guarded against the opportunity. It is revealed that Chef Zeff was a great pirate known as Red Foot Zeff who sailed in the Grand Line, but lost his leg at some point. I don't think Coby is stronger than Smoker, but we haven't seen Coby post-time skip yet. After Smoker came Jonathan of G-8 Navarone with his second, Drake. Who takes this? coby may be stronger than smoker at the end of the series. The guy got haki before zoro and sanji. For the pirates its big mom and Kaidou. We have all seen the strength difference between them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Can we even say Smoker lost when beating Vergo was never his goal? The priests on Skypeia had awesome Observation Haki too. Holundrian. Also, don't worry about the downvotes. but i also think coby is higher then a captain now. If anything he could be as strong as kalifka. Gear 4 luffy would instantly one shot smoker. It's important that discussions from a current chapter are spoiler tagged until 24h have passed from an english release. Informed Ability: They're supposedly stronger than your average Marine soldier, ... but also Coby is recommended to ask Garp to teach him how to use it. And Smoker hardly counts because they barely "fight" when they cross paths. Coby will never catch up to sanji. Really smoker has fit the bill far more over the course of the series as he’s been chasing luffy since the east blue arc, but in the end game scenario coby fits the description more considering he wants to be a navy admiral, pretty much a mirror to luffy wanting to be Pirate King while smoker has made no mention of wanting the rank or power (position wise I mean) that being a admiral provides. only time will tell. Smoker will fill the spot left vacant by a defective Borsalino, leaving Coby as a parallel to Garp as a monstrously strong Vice Admiral, this is because of Sakazuki’s obstinate and … The users are unable to use Haki until they regain their stamina to use it again.[48]. I also see parallels between Smoker and Garp, and with Coby and Aokiji. Im wondering if Helmepo is stronger than Smoker. In my personal opinion Boa Hancock is way stronger than Coby. Oct 25, … Coby's Choice by Sword Of The Gods is a One Piece For Want of a Nail fanfiction.. After witnessing the tyranny of 'Ax-Hand' Morgan, Coby's dreams of becoming a marine is shattered. In all likelihood, Luffy won't even need Gear Fourth to end it. Coby is no where near smoker's level. Kid parallels Luffy the most out of his Worst Generation peers, and Smoker has chased him from East Blue to all over the Grand Line for the past 2+ years. Welcome to the forums! If you fight with Akainu for a long time, you will fall into a dangerous situation with mortal danger. Sure Smoker can get stronger but Luffy will get stronger too. Coby… From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! I believe Coby will be at least as strong as Sanji when we next see him. And he definitely will never catch up to luffy. since he has haki use and it didnt seem smoker did at that time. A burly subordinate had stepped forward to aid Commodore Smoker in opening the other door, which only made the smell stronger. so i think he is even stronger. Newer Than: Coby's eyes widened as he watched Smoker disembark from a ship with his second Tashigi in his wake. While Helmepo and Tashigi fight Zoro. Smoker isn't someone who would enjoy a rivalry. While adept at sword fighting, she is unusually clumsy, which tends to get on Smoker's nerves. If anything he could be as strong as kalifka. Demons should not be outside the East. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I think this is the only way for them to fight the straw hats. Although his position is low, but this piece of sea is to see strength, even Smoker is very respectful of Coby, and the rest will not have any opinion unless it is stronger than him. Its 50/50 if he will be a admiral or not. its been 2 years. He only wants to see Luffy in sea prism cuffs. coby at this point could be greenbull. Instead, he chooses to follow the person to show him kindness, Monkey D. Luffy.Featuring a larger crew, a more serious Luffy, this story will take a different path from the original path. However, as a general rule set down by the author, uniform guidelines are as follows: 1. Yes, he did get Observation Haki before any of the Strawhats, but that doesn't mean he can equal them.. He has to if he wants to beat the Yonkou and become PK. Foil: To Vergo in Punk Hazard. Croco-boy got a kick from Luffy at the war, and Coby got a punch in the face, but as far as I can think that's been it. ... Smoker may be harsh, but he cares more than he is willing to admit, and it shows. Im thinking maybe Coby and Smoker will fight Luffy. He fought Vergo when he was injured and did better than Smoker. Smoker went all out and got his ass whooped. So, she dones the persona of Silas to pass as a man. I mean, Katakuri also has a weapon similar to WB's. Ground Rules for the Power Level Discussion Thread As always, please follow the guidelines set by the Forum Rules that apply across the board. Kaido is the captain of the Beasts Pirates. Don't quote me, I'll stay vehemently behind that decision. There is significant variation in the kind of uniform worn by officers, with many options to wear a variety of dress showcasing their own eccentric style. (An example of this is how she played with Smoker while she was mad at … If you think he is not stronger than smoky u crazy. Coby could having CoO and Cp9's moves doesnt make him stronger than smoker. Kidd would be like a joke to Luffy. Marines are also allowed to wield whatever weapon they are most comfortable with, no matter how unusual it is. Coby could having CoO and Cp9's moves doesnt make him stronger than smoker. Has anyone other than Bellamy and Smoker even gotten a rematch? We know he will become a admiral so he has to get strong. Weaker than Smoker who's fighting against pirates in the new world and fought well against Trafalgar Law and Vergo admittedly lost but put up a good fight, Coby currently is likely no stronger than Tashigi. When smoker gets stronger than he was at PH, He may be a candidate for admiral by EoS, though he may, like Garp, turn it down. Coby’s parallels with Garp and Sengoku: Lots of people view Coby and Smoker as finite parallels to Garp and Sengoku. East Blue Coby: Weaker than Chou Chou, that dog that Buggy’s crew beat up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He also mastered Busoshoku Haki as well as Kenbunshoku Haki. Straight up wont happen. I know he is. Newer Than: Upon first entering the Marines, new recruits are given the standar… Press J to jump to the feed. Add in a haki boost and luffy does not even need gear 4. 'Black Cage' Hina came off the next ship with two familiar faces, the former Lieutenant Fullbody and someone who looked suspiciously like the Black Cat pirate Jango. Smoker has seen some stuff during his time in the marines, so I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to hold his rank for the same reason Garp did. Smoker should still become an admiral (or higher) at the end of the series cause the Marine (or its post-revolution equivalent, if there is one) being led by someone who does not rely on insane strength/violence to ensure justice would be a good symbol Same for Coby And Smoker is still cool RELATED: One Piece: 5 Marines Stronger Than Smoker (& 5 Who Are Weaker) Smoker ate the Moku Moku no Mi, a logia devil fruit that gave Luffy tons of trouble prior to the time skip. You can say that Luffy is far stronger than Smoker now, and I wouldn’t argue with you, but there hasn’t been another Marine that has encountered Luffy as many times as Smoker has or who has chased him so far into the story. Yea and Cobby isn't? Smoker wouldn't stand a chance against gear 2/3 luffy from when the timeskip started. Coby has hit puberty, gone through basic training and learned one of the six Rokushiki forms. Though his rank is Captain (Pre-TS Smoker, Post-TS Tashigi, T-Bone) this puts him at the minimum strength requirements for Vice Admiral (near Maynard’s level). You must log in or register to reply here. Smoker and luffy being like Garp and Roger is an awesome idea. Cookies help us deliver our Services. What do you guys think? The Marines do not have a system of rank insignia per se. They are even free to fight bare-handed. And he definitely will never catch up to luffy. Lol u guys r playing right?
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